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St. Barts

map of St BartsSt. Barts, also known as Saint-Barthelemy is a French island located in the Caribbean. At only 8.1 square miles, it is one of the smaller Caribbean islands, however it has recently gained popularity among tourists. St. Barts is often considered the Caribbean playground for the wealthy, due to the fact that it is frequented almost exclusively by wealthy and famous tourists.

Unlike most Caribbean islands, there is no specific population that is native to the island. Nearly 100% of the population is of European descent, with the only distinction being between recent European immigrants and those from decades ago. Being a French territory, the official language of the island is French; however the majority of residents, as well as nearly everyone associated with local tourism, speaks English.

St. Barts offers similar attractions as the rest of the Caribbean, including sparkling blue waters, spectacular beaches, and great scuba diving, however the main attraction is its exclusivity. The island does not have a large scale cruise port, thus preventing larger ships from visiting. Furthermore, its airport is small and only able to accommodate small turboprop planes, which often originate from St. Martin and San Juan. In general, unless you’re on a small higher-end ship or a private yacht, St. Barts is unlikely to be a destination on your itinerary.

St Barts View of Villas

Many celebrities currently own property in St Barts, including Jimmy Buffet, David Letterman and Steve Martin. As a result, those visiting the island are often on the lookout for celebrities, as it is a great place to catch a glimpse of the world’s rich and famous. That being said, due to the high costs and difficulty getting there, the majority of tourists fall into the category of rich and famous, thus making the island a safe haven for those looking to keep their vacation low key.

If you do end up visiting St. Barts, you will no doubt have a great time. The island is filled with spectacular hotels, delicious gourmet restaurants, and pristine beaches, and is often considered one of the best islands in the Caribbean.

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