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Disney Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

Drinks on the beachBeing a cruise line that is specifically dedicated towards children, one would expect Disney to have one of the strictest on-board alcohol policies at sea. However, after doing a bit of research we’ve found that in actuality, Disney is one of the most lenient cruise lines when it comes to their on board alcohol policies.

Bringing Alcohol On Board

The most common question that guests have is whether or not they’re permitted to bring outside alcohol on board the ship. Unlike other cruise lines which strictly prohibit bringing outside alcohol, or limit guests to a single bottle of wine, Disney seems to have no such restriction. In fact, on its website, it states that guests over the age of 21 are permitted to bring alcohol on board, as long as it is in their carry-on luggage. There are no restrictions as to the amount of alcohol that can be packed in their carry-on luggage, nor are there restrictions on the type of alcohol that is brought on board.

The only rules are that:

  • All outside alcohol must be packed in your carry-on luggage
  • You are not permitted to bring a cooler
  • Outside alcohol may only be consumed in your stateroom, and cannot be consumed in any public area of the ship
  • If bringing wine to dinner, a $20 corkage fee will apply

Minimum Age

The minimum age to consume alcohol on board Disney Cruise Line is 21, however this rule is relaxed during European sailings. When sailing in countries where the minimum drinking age is less than 21, guests between the ages of 18 and 20 are permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages, provided that a parent or guardian signs a beverage consent form. The minimum age of 21 applies in all other destinations.