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Carnival’s Loyalty Program – The VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club

logo for the Carnival loyalty program - the VIFP clubMany travelers are familiar with frequent flyer miles, as well as frequent guest clubs offered by major airlines and hotels, and enjoy the benefits that come with being part of such clubs. Cruising is no different, and almost all of the major cruise lines offer their own loyalty clubs, which offer perks to repeat cruisers. Today we’re going to look at Carnival’s Loyalty Program, known as the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club. As they say, with Carnival, you’re not just a VIP, you’re a VIFP.

Carnival’s Loyalty Program has four levels of membership, which are reached by accumulating VIFP points. These points are accumulated at a rate of 1 point for every day of your cruise. Therefore, if you go on a 3 night cruise, you’ll earn 3 VIFP points. Once you reach a certain level of points, you’ll move up to the next level of membership, and earn certain rewards for doing so.

Below is a breakdown of the different club levels, along with the benefits associated with each.

  • Red (2nd Sailing – 24 Points) – With this loyalty club level, the benefits are rather limited, and consist of a complimentary beverage at the Punchliner Comedy Brunch.
  • Gold (25-74 Points) – With a Gold level membership, the rewards are slightly better. On each cruise you will receive everything in the previous level, as well as an invite to the past guests party, which offers unlimited free drinks and appetizers. Furthermore, upon reaching this level you will be awarded a gold VIFP pin.
  • Platinum (75-199 points) – The platinum level is where the benefits start getting good. In addition to everything above, you’ll also receive a “Chocolate Delight” delivered to your stateroom, priority check-in and boarding, a collectible pin to commemorate your sailing, priority spa reservations, priority tender boarding, a Carnival gift on every sailing, a dedicated guest services phone number, priority debarkation, priority dining room reservations, and complimentary fold and wash laundry service for 3 bags of laundry per cruise.
  • Diamond (200+ points) – The best benefits are reserved for the true Carnival enthusiasts. At this level, you receive everything mentioned above, plus unlimited complimentary laundry service, an invitation from the captain on each sailing, a free cabin upgrade, a free meal at an on-board specialty restaurant, and a dedicated toll-free number for customer service.

As you can see, the rewards for relatively new cruisers are rather limited, however if you stick with Carnival and build up a large number of points, you’ll begin to enjoy some impressive perks on your sailings.

To learn more about Carnival’s VIFP loyalty program, visit their official page here: